Enos Cheche is a single father living with HIV/AIDS on a 10 by 10 mud-walled house with three children,a beautiful daughter and two sons. His health condition has made him sickly with a weak immune system hence unable to work effectively to raise money to fend for his young family. Lack of income made him unable to continuously provide adequate food for himself and his children hence grew sickly due to lack of valuable vitamins in the body to compliment the ARVs medication he was on. The family went days without meals as hunger and starvation became a reality they were dealing with. The kids were missing school due to lack of basic social amenities back at home and the inability of the father to provide them with their basic needs. When cheche’s family was enrolled on the Seed & Feed program,he started receiving monthly food supplies and his health and that of his kids greatly improved.The kids are now attending school without fail.Through the Seed & Build program,the organization built his family a permanent three roomed house to accord him and his kids a decent and condusive living environment that is free from jiggers. Growing up,Cheche always had a dream to become a barber and through the organization’s community mentorship & support program,he was bought barber business supplies and started for him a barber business where he shaves members of the local community especially school going children earning him money that he uses to support himself with medication and other needs for his children. As an organization,we have employed him as an assistant during our events and also shaving our kids on the Seed & Learn-Seed & Fun programs.Currently,the family is stable and life is more bearable unlike it was previously.
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