Who we Are


Seed of Love Foundation is a Christian based, charity humanitarian, non-profit organization based in USA with projects in
Kenya. Our focus is restore families dignity: elderly, widows, orphans, people infested with jiggers, 
living with disability &  HIV/AIDS.

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Our Mission



Recognizing that all lives are sacred and are worth touching.


Treating all people with compassion and dignity.


 collaborating and partnering with communities for a brighter future.


providing socially responsible sustainable solutions.


Be a blessing to the communities we reach.

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Our Team

We work in constant consultation with the Local administration in the locality we operate in and in partnership with the Ministry of Health to ensure our programs/projects/activities are in strict adherence/conform to the laws of the country and in line with the laid down ministry of Health protocols.

We have a team of over 10 workers and volunteers working with the organization in Kenya.

We have 4 community health workers that are so far engaged with the organization in our grass root activities/programs in the villages. We have four of our beneficiaries on the various programs also offered job opportunities to work with the foundation as part of our undertaking to offer jobs to the locals in areas we work in.


And a endless number of volunteers in USA.




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