Seed of Love Community Centre Butere Village, Kenya.


Seed of Love is dedicated to sowing the seeds of hope, empowerment, and prosperity within the heart of Butere Village, Kakamega County, Kenya.



Our mission is to create a thriving community centre that nourishes both the spiritual through Seed & Pray Ministry and practical needs of the local community, fostering a sustainable and compassionate future. We strive to foster a development providing fresh drinking water for the community, empower individuals, and build a strong, connected community.


Our vision is a thriving community centre that acts as a hub for transformation in Butere Village. We aspire to foster an environment where all community members have the opportunity to access essential services and resources, grow personally and economically, and build a stronger, more united community. We aim to create a thriving and vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to prosper and learn about the word of God. The Seed of Love Community Centre will be a beacon of hope and progress for years to come.

Impact of Our Community Centre

Since the establishment of the Seed of Love Community Centre, the impact on the local community has been substantial.


Spiritual Enrichment

Our community hall, doubling as a Seed & Pray Ministry, provides a sacred space for worship and reflection, nurturing the spiritual well-being of our community members. This fosters a sense of belonging and moral guidance, instilling values of love, compassion, and unity based on the Holy Bible.

Economic Empowerment

The addition of a barbershop, shop, and soon-to-be bakery has already created employment opportunities, enabling individuals to provide for their families and contribute to the local economy. This eventually leads to increased self-reliance and a decrease in unemployment rates.

Community Cohesion & Development

Seed of Love Community Centre serves as a hub for community events, workshops, and educational programs. Bringing people together for worship, commerce, and community events. These initiatives also promote knowledge sharing, skill development, and personal growth. We above all aim to strengthen the bonds within the community, promoting mutual support and understanding.

Access to Essential Services

: Our community centre ensures that the people of Butere Village have access to everyday necessities like drinking water. The shop will offer a variety of goods, and the barbershop will provide grooming services, the bakery, once established, will provide fresh and affordable baked goods to the community. The centre ensures that residents have access to basic necessities close to home, saving time and resources. Thus, improving the overall quality of life for residents.


  • Improved Livelihoods

    The economic opportunities provided by the barbershop, shop, and upcoming bakery help families secure their livelihoods, increasing financial stability and reducing poverty.

  • Health and Wellness:

    Access to healthcare information and social support encourages better physical and mental health within the community.

  • Community Development

    The centre acts as a catalyst for community growth, providing a space for social and cultural events, educational workshops, and collaboration among local residents.

  • Spiritual Enrichment

    Our Seed & Pray Ministry services help individuals find spiritual guidance and comfort while fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

  • Empowerment

    The Seed of Love Community Centre empowers individuals to take control of their lives and pursue opportunities for personal and economic growth.

We invite you to support and join us in our efforts to make a positive impact in Butere Village. Together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous, and tightly-knit community that thrives on hope, opportunity, and love. Your participation and contributions will be instrumental in achieving this vision of transformation.

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