As a charity organization,we build affordable,decent and conducive housing for needy families enrolled on our programs in the rural communities to tackle rural poverty in western Kenya. Most of the needy and deserving families live in tiny houses with mud-walled structures, weak walls, old and corroborated leaking roofs that makes it uncomfortable and non-human friendly for their living.This makes the families susceptible to attacks by diseases and insecurity. We work with the most vulnerable families to provide safe and decent housing.

Our housing projects focuses on renovating houses and building new ones in the rural communities.This project’s goal is to provide shelter to the families in Kenya’s rural villages because good housing helps develop entire communities. A safe and decent home improves the health of the whole family as well as that of its community by limiting the spread of diseases such as cholera and jiggers

As of now, We have built 38 complete homes and handed over to the beneficiaries for utilization in which they are living happily with their families. Among the families, there’s noted improvement in their health and social lives as they have decent homes. Through this program, we’ve been able to provide job opportunities and employment to members of the local communities as all our labor force from masons to casual laborers on this project comes from the villages we work in.