Seed & Sow



This is Seed of Love foundation’s Food Security and Nutrition Improvement program among the families supported by the Organization. Most of the beneficiary families have family members that are elderly, sickly and have children. They are in dire need of food aid and malnutrition is rampant among the children.


The core strategy of this program lies in decreasing the dependency on external food supplies by encouraging the local production, consumption and marketing of local produce among the families. To get the rural communities on board with a deeper understanding of food security at a household level coupled with a variety of educational initiatives informing families on indigenous vegetables and micro-nutrient deficiency.

The families enrolled on the Program are subdivided into groups where each has a leader. In the group, they encourage each other to have a portion of their land to form a kitchen garden where each family grows their own indigenous vegetables to supplement the food they receive monthly. Seed of Love Foundation provides the seeds and seedlings to the families under this program and also offers educational training and outreach to the families in regards to how to cultivate these vegetable gardens.

Through this nutritional program, Seed of Love foundation promotes the cultivation of African Leafy Vegetables (ALVs) as an important source of micronutrients and income for the families. They are in their hundreds in Africa. The most common varieties that are cultivated in Kenya include African Nightshade (managu), amaranthus (terere), spider plant (saget), Kales (Sukuma Wiki)and slender leaf (mitoo) among other popular traditional vegetables.

Objectives of the Program

  • to fight malnutrition among families

  • to supplement the nutrition requirements in the households

  • to economically empower women on the program as they can sell surplus proceeds from the Kitchen Garden.