Seed & Feed



Seed & Feed is a community feeding programme/project run by Seed of Love, an organization founded by Alice Deassis from the USA. This is a programme that adopts and feed poor families in rural Kenya with a key Focus to Khwisero Subcounty.


There are thousands of families in rural Kenya that live from hand to mouth. They lack basic social amenities such as affording a decent meal, clothing, shelter and other basic needs. Moreso, the outbreak of Corona Virus has worsened their living conditions due to the restricted movement and closure of most public markets where they hustle a living. This has made most of the families in the rural villages go without food for days and hence malnutrition among children.

This project identifies poor households within the rural villages and give them monthly food support to help them survive through their financially deplorable situations.

Objectives of the Project 

  • To provide monthly food support to poor & vulnerable families in rural Kenya 

  • To fight malnutrition in Kenya’s rural villages through Covid-19 outbreak. 

  • Improve the living conditions of vulnerable families in rural Kenyan villages. 

  • Improve access to basic needs among the vulnerable families in rural Kenya 

Target Families 

  • Families with no income earners 

  • Families with the elderly as bread winners

  • Families that are not able to meet their basic needs 

What the Families will receive

The families will each receive a food box monthly containing the following: 

  • 20kg of maize @ $8.5 

  • 3 bars of soap @ $2 

  • 2 liters of cooking oil @$4 

  • 3kg of Sugar @ $3.9 

  • 1kg of salt @ $0.8 

  • 500 grams of tea leaves @ $1 

  • 1pack of toilet paper $1 

  • 10kg of rice @ $12 

  • 10kg of beans @ $15 

The monthly overhead costs 

  • 25 food packaging sacks @ $20 

  • Transport @ $100 

  • Airtime & coordination logistics $10 

Total Cost for monthly overhead costs -$130 

Total Cost for monthly overhead costs per family is ($130 divide by 25) = $5 


Total expenditure per family per month will be ($50+$5) = $55 


Cost per family per month is $55