Seed & Build



This is a program that seeks to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable families adopted for support by Seed of Love foundation.

Rural communities often face poverty and exclusion. Whole communities are deprived of opportunities and pushed to the margins of society where they are locked in a cycle of poverty that they cannot break out of. Seed of Love foundation makes a special effort to reach out to these families in rural Kenya and provide a roof over their heads and improve their sheltering conditions to cushion these families from eventualities.

Most of the families have poor living structures. The houses are mud-walled, grass-thatched and leaking roofs, tattered floors that are breeding grounds for jiggers and the houses are generally weak and dilapidated hence not safe for human habitation which poses a threat to the health and well-being of the families.

Seed of Love through this program, undertakes the initiative to:

  • construct new houses where the existent ones are in a very extreme horrible state

  • repair the houses that are in a not-so good condition but are strong enough for habitation

  • cementing floors of the houses to guard against in-breeding of disease causing Microorganisms.

  • re-roofing the houses that need total overhaul of the roofs so as to protect the families against rain and harsh weather.

  • build latrines for the families to guard against open defecation and to improve hygiene and sanitation among the households

  • offering a hand up in renovating and completing unfinished houses among the families.

Seed of Love foundation provides construction, repair materials and skilled labour (masonry) in the program and works with the local community and other stakeholders to provide communal labour for the work. This ensures community participation in the program.

Objectives of the Program

  • to provide safe shelter for the families

  • to improve sanitation and hygiene of the households

  • to improve the living conditions of the children, the sick and the elderly among the households

  • to guard the families against the harsh weather conditions that can affect their health