our team

We work in constant consultation with the Local administration in the locality we operate in and in partnership with the Ministry of Health to ensure our programs/projects/activities are in strict adherence/conform to the laws of the country and in line with the laid down ministry of Health protocols.

We have a team of over 10 workers and volunteers working with the organization in Kenya.


We have 4 community health workers that are so far engaged with the organization in our grass root activities/programs in the villages. We have four of our beneficiaries on the various programs also offered job opportunities to work with the foundation as part of our undertaking to offer jobs to the locals in areas we work in.


And a endless number of volunteers in USA.



Alice Deassis


A business woman, philanthropist, and the Founder of the Kenya Project – a charitable foundation based in greater Boston, MA. The Seed of Love is committed to helping Kenyans afflicted with Jiggers. Read more...


Celia Cannavino

Vice President

Businesswoman, writer, Master Coach and Behavioral Profile Analyst, with a background in Positive Psychology, Life Coaching and Health Care. Interpreter of medicine and co-author of the book Mindset da Felicidade. Specialist in Human Development and Spirituality, helps people to live their mission of life and purpose.


Elias & Connie Oliveira

Seed & Pray Ministers

Natives of Espírito Santo - Brazil, married for 36 years, 3 children and son-in-law. Born in the gospel and serving the Lord in ministry for over 30 years. As in the Holy Bible, we believe in the trinity God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who created us in his image and likeness to love Him as the only God and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Valéria Falstad


Graduated in Social Communication,  she joined the foundation as a godmother. Valéria actively participates as one of the Directors in addition to being a member of the Board.

KENYA - Directors



Mr. Edwin Nalulasi

General Manager

He is a graduate of Communication and Public Relations from Moi University, Kenya, a Published Author and a Communal affairs enthusiast currently Pursuing his masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration. Read more...


Derrick Govinda

Events Coordinator

Single with a daughter, living in Khwisero.
Passionate about photography and video shooting, table tennis, traveling and making new friends.

Being a part of the Seed of Love is a golden opportunity to give back to his community.



Julius Arungar

Member of the Board

Coming soon...


Dr. Joseph Nasongo

Member of the Board

Former Commissioner of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission of Kenya, holds a PhD degree in Conflict Resolution and Integration, two Masters Degrees:  Diplomacy and Foreign Policy and another in Philosophy of Education; and a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

KENYA - Board Members

Alzira Faria

Event Coordinator

KENYA - Board Members

Rejani de Sá

Event Coordinator

KENYA - Board Members

Lita Smith

Event Coordinator