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Sponsor a Family

You can be part of this project by sponsoring a family. Many families still of people to help them, with the provision of food and hygiene products. This was one of the first projects of Semente do Amor, which started with 27 families and has already benefited 60 families every month. In total more than two hundred people, including children, adults and the elderly, are being fed through this project. Our goal is to grow and expand our operations to neighboring tribes. Come to know more about this and other projects.


Build/Restore a House

The Seed & Build project was born from the heart of the godparents and godmothers who, when receiving videos from sponsored families, saw the conditions in which each family was living. Our focus is to restore the houses that can be used and to demolish and build those without habitable conditions. A project that brings hope and dignity to families. It is one of the biggest challenges for the Foundation, but it makes us believe in the purpose of a job that will be a solid seed, with deep roots. With each delivery of a new home, the family returns with a smile of Faith.

Be a Sower

To carry out the Seed & Build project we need seeders, people who will help us in the restoration or construction of a total of 60 houses. The sower makes his donation for this project and benefits a family with a home. The first house is already in the final stage of construction, to be delivered in November 2020. In this first phase, nine more houses are on the list to be restored or built. In this project, seeders are a fundamental part of the process, as the contribution of every 30 seeders allows us to restore or build a house.