Seed & Health



Under Seed & Health, we venture to improve the Health & Nutrition of these families. We are keen on ensuring the health of these families is stabilized and maintained for greater impact. Through jigger treatment, administration of deworming pills, proper housing, general nutrition, proper hygiene & sanitation measures we hope to improve the living conditions of these families for self-sustenance.

These are the activities we are undertaking so far to improve the health conditions of these families:

  • Provision of basic food to fight under nutrition among the families

  • Provision of beddings (Mattresses & Blankets) as most of them sleep on rags

  • Jigger treatment to jigger infected victims (we are doing this with Community Health Volunteers)

  • Offering deworming pills to the families (we shall do this through the Community Health Volunteers)



This program is executed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health Officials so as to ensure strict conformity to the government guidelines on Public Health. We have a ministry of Health Nutritionist that undertakes sanitation and hygiene outreach services to the families enrolled by the foundation for support where she shares with the knowledge and expertise on proper nutritional way of life.

Jiggers menace

The current focus of Seed of Love foundation is aimed at combating the parasitic insect known as the jigger (Chigoe flea, or Tunga penetrans) in rural areas of Kenya. The jigger is a menace to impoverished areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Tungiasis is the condition that results when a number of insects are residing in the same individual, causing a blister-like surface of the affected skin, which results in severe itching and pain. Infection from subsequent skin lesions can be a grave concern. As the bottoms of the feet are the most commonly affected areas, the disease literally cripples its victims, and gangrene and amputation are common. Overall, jiggers are having a debilitating effect on communities.

Projects and activities

Seed of Love foundation CEO/President Ms. Alice Deassis visited Western Kenya twice in 2019 and to commence activities of the organization aimed at battling jiggers.

On behalf of Seed of Love foundation, Ms. Deassis participated in several activities while in Kenya, based on the mission of the organization. The organization has treated more than one thousand people since it's created.



  • to raise awareness of the health epidemic represented by jiggers and the campaign Seed of Love 

  • to administer direct care to individuals affected by jiggers

  • to educate those who are affected, or potentially affected by jiggers

  • to explore and support the development of new technologies in the battle against the jigger, including the use of novel barriers between human and insect, and natural insecticides that can control the jigger

  • to provide improvements to the living conditions in jigger-affected communities, which could include a number of activities, from providing shoes to improving housing conditions